The Best Cold & Flu Remedy…Not What You Think

The Best Cold & Flu Remedy…Not What You Think

Zinc is essential for normal immune system functioning. It’s also critical for healthy hormone production, organ development, healthy reproduction, and release of vitamin A from the liver. Zinc protects the bones and joints, as well as the prostate gland and sexual fluids in males. But many consumers report that that Zinc alone isn't enough, add a couple herbs and…

Yes, Zinc is Good For You 

With winter near, cold and flu bugs are having the time of their life. Bodies are more susceptible to those pesky germs when there is less daylight, colder weather, and people have stresses running high with the holiday season. Now is the time to build up one important trace element- Zinc. Your body needs Zinc everyday in order to do many important things, including the following:

•   Strong immunity *
•   Maintenance of positive mood *
•   Mental clarity *
•   Restorative sleep *

 Zinc Is Naturally Available in Unusual Food Sources

Foods naturally high in Zinc include some unusual suspects:

oysters, shellfish, herring, nuts, eggs, chicken, turkey, fruits, veal liver, pumpkin seeds, roast beef, tahini, Alaska king crab, lamb, and even fruit and vegetables naturally have some Zinc in them. But with the help of some others, consumers are reporting much higher levels of success rates in overcoming this winter’s cold & flu.

Elderberry Fruit

Historically, families have relied on Elderberry for centuries. Native Americans routinely used it for parasites, bruising, sprains, and immunity building. Celtic traditions respected the plant’s ability to protect, induce vivid dreams, and to heal.

Modernly, science has backed much of what our ancestors already knew. Studies report that Elderberry shortens the duration of flu symptoms, such as fever, fatigue, headache, sore throat, cough and body aches. Elderberry has even been proven to be effective against numerous strains of influenza.

 Umckaloabo Root

Umckaloabo is not a well-known herb. But it should be because its beautiful and it packs a punch. This South Africa root is antibacterial and effective in combating infections, especially in the respiratory system.* Aside from fighting infections, it also dissolves tough mucus, and shortens the duration of illness.* It’s well tolerated by children and has an appealing taste, even to the most delicate palette.

Echinacea Root

Echinacea has been a popular herbal remedy for a very long time. It’s well documented that it builds the immune system, especially when there are immune deficiencies because of chronic colds, flu, or bacterial infections.* However, on its own it doesn’t taste very good. It’s also not very often available in a formula with Zinc.

One Formula has Millions of Americans Feeling Better, Faster

Benevolent Nourishment’s Liquid Zinc is the only Zinc on the market that includes Elderberry, Umckaloabo Root, and Echinacea Root. Consumers report that they love the flavor, & they having just one formula which includes all of these beneficial herbs- ensuring that they heal faster.

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