10 Tricks to Fall Asleep Faster!

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Falling asleep doesn’t have to be a chore! In today’s busy and hectic world, sometimes we forget the simplest tricks to help us relax and fall asleep quickly. Here’s 10 tricks to help you fall asleep faster and rest more deeply.

1: Take a Hot Shower

A hot shower or warm bath before bed relaxes the body, making it easier to fall asleep once you hit the bed. It’s also a great way to wash the day away and prepare for a restful night.

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2: Avoid Eating Before Bed

Bodies work hard to digest food, requiring a higher heart rate to metabolize all those calories. Instead of that last piece of pizza or bowl of ice cream, try a cup of herbal tea. If you have a late night sweet tooth, add extra honey and a wedge of lemon!

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3: Light a Candle

Get romantic! By turning lights low and burning a couple of candles, you signal to your body that it’s time to relax. Encouraging your body to relax at least 30 minutes before bed will help you fall asleep fast and sleep through the night!


4: Exercise Regularly

A little exercise during the day is the magic ticket to falling asleep fast. This is especially true if you work at a job where you don’t get much movement in.

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People who exercise regularly are more likely to sleep better, and tend to get tired at an appropriate time. Even adding a 10-minute walk works!

5: Avoid Caffeine Before Bed

Caffeine blocks our natural sleep inducing chemicals in the brain and increases adrenaline production. Consuming any amount of caffeine before bed is sure to have you tossing and turning for hours.

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6: Avoid Long Daytime Naps

20 minute power naps are perfect. Anything more and you are sending mixed signals to your body. Get your work done while the sun is high and slow your pace as the sun sets. By nighttime you will be ready to catch those zzz.

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7: Keep it Quiet

The quieter your sleeping environment is, the easier it will be to fall asleep. Loud environments increase the likelihood of waking at night.


8: Keep it Cool

The ideal bedroom temperature for sleeping is between 65 and 72 degrees. Too hot or too cold means your body is working too hard to regulate its temperature and not relaxing into a deep sleep.

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9: Read A Book in Bed

Sleep just comes more naturally when you set aside 20-30 minutes before sleeping for reading in bed. This works best if lights are low, except for one reading light bright enough to comfortably see the pages of the book.

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10: Avoid Alcohol Before Bed

Even though alcohol may help you relax, the high sugar and carbohydrate content can diminish your quality of sleep and increase waking in the night.

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