How to Get the Best Results When Using Your Benevolent Nourishment Essential Body & Massage Oil!

Here’s how to get the best results using your Benevolent Nourishment Essential Body & Massage Oil…

1. In spring and summer months, apply liberally in the evening time,
around sunset or after the sun goes down. This way your skin will have
the support and extra nutrients it needs to recover from the day and
prepare for the next!

2. In fall and winter months, we recommend using the oil in the
morning, after bathing. This will offer your skin extra protection in
weathering the colder months.

3. For massage, use anytime of day. Place quarter size drop in hands
and rub palms together to generate heat before apply oil to skin.

4. Whenever using, always breath deeply at least three times to
maximize aroma therapy benefits and elevate mood!



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June 17, 2016

I love this company! A friend turned me on to Benevolent Nourishment and I haven't looked back since. All of their products are very high quality. They all taste great and I like the beautiful old-fashioned glass bottles. Much nicer than the typical plastic bottles on the market. Plus, everything is made in the US and the herbs are organic or sustainably grown or wildcrafted, so it's even an ethical purchase.  

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